Upper Chindwin Youth Network



Upper Chindwin Youth Network is a network which has been formed with 800 members of youths in Upper Chindwin Region.  It has two main programs. The one is Building Sustainable Peace Program which is supported by SPAS (Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society). This program mainly works for peace processes from border areas, solving conflicts, giving trainings about gender equality and human rights. This program is implemented in India-Myanmar border areas and Sagaing Division. The second one is Community-based land Rights Paralegal Program which is supported by NAMATI (Innovation in Legal Empowerment). In this program, there are fifteen paralegals and they are mainly work for land laws, land rights, solving land conflicts such as land grabbing cases, land dispute cases, land registration, etc. and giving community educations about land laws, land rights in targeted areas. This program is implemented in Sagaing Division and Chin State, including three districts, five townships and 97 villages. Other partner of UCYN is USAID (United State Agency for International Development. UCYN make pacticipatory mapping project in Sagaing Division hand in hand with USAID.